Finding Entry Level Business Analyst Jobs To Jumpstart BA Careers

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I am looking for entry level business analyst jobs.

I come from a software development experience and my last programming job had some BA activities.

My question is: “how do I find entry level business analyst jobs with 2 years of combined programming & business analysis experience”?

As my background has a mixture of business analyst and programming experience, but now, I only want to follow the career path that begins with finding an entry level business analyst job.

How To Find Entry Level Business Analyst Jobs

It sounds like you have the right background, experience, skills and mindset necessary to become a Business Analyst.

You can find an entry level business analyst job with careful career planning.

Satrt by planning to become an IT Business Analysts whho works within the broad scope of the IT world unlike a Domain Business Analyst who works only for a specific industry andisexpected to have experience in that particular field.

Since your current ackground is Software Development, then the IT Business Analyst is the best way for you to go.

When pursuing an entry level business analyst job, emphasize the fact that you already have a working knowledge of software development lifescycles and that you know requirements analysis, Use Cases and UML because you have been using them on your software development projects.

Talk about how you have had to communicate or document requirements on your past projects as the most important thing to say about yourself is that you have already have some good background or experience in business analysis … which is a priamry requirement even for entry level business analyst jobs!

Finally, rewrite or edit your resume to focus or highlight all your past business analyst tasks, activities and projects and to de-emphaszie your programming skills.

At the end of this exercise, you want your resume to look like that of a business analyst with light programming skills and not like that of a software developer with light business analysis skills.

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