finding a business analyst job in financial software development

I want to find a right job as a business analyst in financial software development since I have done my IT engineering & then MBA Finance.


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One Response to "finding a business analyst job in financial software development"

  1. Business Analyst Coaching & Training   May 4, 2011 at 3:52 PM
    • What Are The Educational Qualifications for a Business Analyst Job?

      An MBA in Finance does not qualify you for a business analyst job.

      Finding a business analyst job is based on you having or demonstrating a knowledge of business analysis and not on your college degree!

      Since a Masters in Business Administration (MBA) or an Engineering Degree does not convey knowledge of Business Analysis, take the time to identify what business analysts do and the learn it!

      Take an additional training course separate from your MBA or College Degree to learn Business Analysis and if you lack the funds to do so, study business analysis on your own by reading the relevant articles and studying the relevant textbooks on your own!

    • Is Your Resume Updated To Showcase your Business Analysis Skills?

      Start by updating your resume to showcase your business analysis skills and knowledge.

      1. First take the time to learn what the roles and responsibilities of a business analyst are.

      2. Next, list all the tasks or jobs that you’ve worked on that are related business analysis.

        For example, if you have worked as a software developer and you documented the requirements of your project, include that in the list.

      3. Finally, identify the gaps in your business analysis skills. The gap includes all those business analysis skills that you lack experience or skills in.

        Then bridge the gap by learning those additional business analysis skills.


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