Does A Web Business Analyst Need English Writing / Speaking Skills?

How Do I Become A Business Analyst?
How Do I Become A Business Analyst?

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I have being looking at your Business Analyst Boot camp training and I am quite keen in doing this but I got couple of questions to ask.

Firstly: I come from a programming background so I have no knowledge or experience of Business Analysis (BA).

This will be a fresh start for me. After completing this training will I be able to find a JOB?

Secondly I have being doing some investigation regarding the Business Analysis (BA) role on web and it looks like you need to have good command of English language.

English is a second language for me so I am planning to join some courses to get a good hold of the Language.

Please Advise should I do this course?

And how long will it take to complete this course?

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One Response to "Does A Web Business Analyst Need English Writing / Speaking Skills?"

  1. Business Analysts Training   October 14, 2012 at 3:13 PM

    The real question here is: “what do you need to do to get a business analyst job” given your programming background and your English speaking skills.

    1. First, Learn Business Analysis

      You have to learn business analysis before you can qualify for a business analyst job. It doesn’t matter how you learned it … what matters is that you get the knowledge (bootcamps, textbooks, classrooms, etc).

      Think about it, without the education you need to be a business analyst, you can’t become a business analyst, right?

    2. Secondly, Get Business Analysis Experience

      When it comes to any job or career in the information technology industry or allied sectors, the more experience you have, the better qualified you will be at the job.

      It doesn’t matter how much education you have … education alone cannot and will not qualify you for a business analyst job.
      Can you perform, prove it

    3. Learn How To Find Business Analyst Jobs & Ace The Interviews

      Just like every real job out their, you have to take interviews for business analyst jobs and you have to ace them.

      The responsibility is really on you to learn how to take your interviews correctly. You can waive any certificate or resume or training program in front of an interviewers face and you get hired just like that!

      So, just remember. The responsibility for getting a job is on you, but we can help you get the skills or put together a plan that will help you ace business analyst job interviews.

      here is an article that will show you how :How To Ace Business Analyst Job Interviews

      Here is another article that will really help you: “What Does It Take To Learn Business Analysis”

    4. Improve Your English Speaking & Writing Skills

      Yes, as a business analyst, you need to have excellent communication skills because those are the primary skills you exercise on a day to day basis as a business analyst. You may want to look into Toastmasters … “A Non Profit Public Speaking / Communication / Leadership Club”…


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