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Comparing Online Business Analyst (BA) Training to Traditional Classroom Courses
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If you are looking for business analyst jobs and because of that, you are always tweaking and rewriting your resume or cover letter, you may be working on the wrong tasks!

Even though you may have an excellent Cover Letter or Resume, you may not get much value out of it until you have demonstrated mastery of business analysis.
*Proof*: Your cover letter only demonstrates that you are interested in a business analysis job and that is all the good it can do. Because IT Managers won\'t interview
or hire you in a tight job market on the strength of your cover letter or the expressed intentions and interest in becoming a business analyst.
Employers will interview or hire you when you take the time to demonstrate or prove that you have actually learnt, mastered and used the business analysis skills listed on the job posting.
There is a big difference between proof and intention. IT Employers are only looking for or hiring business analysts that can demonstrate or prove on their cover letter, resume and job interview that they have the business analysis skills needed for the job. So, don\'t be one of those business analysts who only talks about their interests or intentions and actively avoids taking time or steps o=to learn.
In other words, employers do not care about your potential to become a good business analyst or your interest in the business analyst career or your past successes in other fields.
Employers only care about the business analysis skills and experience you currently have.
If you are not getting interviews or phone calls, it is because you have less business analysis skills and less hands-on experience than other people in the field.
*Business Analysis Training Online OR Classroom?*: You need to solve the capability question (skills and experience) first before you can solve the job interview problem.
In other words, you are putting the cart before the horse if you focus on marketing your resume or rewriting your cover letter to the detriment of learning business analysis.
So, start by increasing your business analysis skills significantly, get a lot of hands-on experience and
then send your resume out to hiring managers. At that stage, you will be qualified to get business analysis job interviews.
Now, if you do this first, you will also be solving a different problem, which is "how to prepare for or ace upcoming business analysis interviews".
Note that even if you succeeded in getting a business analyst interview, you would still have to demonstrate ... not your intentions or interest in becoming a good business analyst but your ability to do the business analysis job.
So, I would advise you to move way from thinking of selling your intentions or interest in becoming a business analyst to selling your ability to get the business analyst job done.
If you adopt this mindset, then you will find yourself working on "how to get business analysis skills and experience" instead of "how to rewrite your resume or cover letter"! At first it might feel strange because you are focusing on improving your skills. But then, you will find yourself in a better position for interviews and for jobs.
*Who Is Traditional Class Room Business Analyst Training Designed For?*
YES, traditional classroom business analysis training is expensive. It designed for IT Manager with a surplus training budget who wants or needs to spend a lot of money.
On the other hands, traditional classroom business analysis training is not designed to pass on hands-on business analysis skills or experience.
Usually, there is not enough time for that in a traditional classroom because the students have to get through all the course work in a short amount of time (2 days, 3 days or 5 days!
The IT Manager in this situation assumes that the average business analyst will pickup all the new skills that they need in a one to three day training class ... leaving the hands-on experience for work situations.
But that is not how the business analyst boot camp operates. We have designed it so that it is affordable to anyone who does or does not have a big training budget. It is affordable to both the un-employed professional and the working adult.
It is designed to do what class room business analysis training can\'t because of time and resource constraints.
If you are interested in learning business analysis online ... contact us now!
Here are some of the things that you can\'t do in a traditional classroom business analyst training:
1. Spend a low amount of money: you have to pay for lodging, etc.
2. Schedule your training: once your training session starts, you are in a sprint to finish it. You can\'t stop or pause your training, attend to your family or work and then come back and finish it.
3. you can\'t take the class when you want on a day to day basis. You have to be present in class with others.
4. You can\'t attend the training multiple times at zero cost. Once the training is over ... it is over.
5. You can\'t slow the instructor down for your learning goals. You can\'t stip, fast forward, rewind the instructor. You may ask a question or two but everyone is watching the time!

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