changing my role from software development to business analyst

I have 4+ years of experience in software development but now i’m looking for a change in my role.

I want to come out of development and make my career as a business anlayst or in Quality control or Technical writing.

But as i do not have any prior experience of these things it’s difficult for me to search jobs in these areas.

Please guide me.

Thanks & Regards, Ela

Decide What You Want To

Eeny, Meeny, Miny, Moe! That’s one way to make a decision, though it works better for kids deciding who is “It” in the game of tag than it does for professional career decision making.

Making a decision as to “what you want to do when you grow up” can be challenging.

Narrowing down your choices is the first step. If you are choosing between Business Analyst, Technical Writer, Quality Assurance (QA) or Software Testing is better for you, first decide what you want to be before looking for a job.

Read about the duties, roles and responsibilities of professionals in each of these industries.

Spend time reading job descriptions to get a better idea of the skills, experience and knowledge required for each job.

List pros and cons for each possible job and research the future and job prospects of each career.

Find out what a day in the career is like and what challenges are faced.

Each of these professions require a great deal of specific daily work.

Here is a brief description of what it means to be a Business Analyst, Technical Writer or part of Quality Control:

How To Start A Business Analyst Career

Business Analyst Also known as a one who bridges the gap. Business Analysts need to have strong writing skills and strong communications, including excellent inter-personal skills.

The Business Analyst must be able to interpret information, capable of troubleshooting, handling conflicts and assessing risks.

To accomplish this, the Business Analyst must establish relationships with both internal and external sources.

The duties of a Business Analyst are never ending and can involve a great deal of high-pressure situations.

The job requires far more verbal, inter-personal and leadership skills than technical writing or software testing.

The Business Analyst uses his skills in many areas. If you like a variety and change to your work, this could be a good choice.

It involves investigating, analyzing, communicating through negotiation, making presentations, motivating and listening, evaluating and excellent documentation skills are used.

How To Start A Technical Writing Career

A job in Technical Writing does not require a great deal of knowledge about software development or computer programming.

It does, however, require strong writing skills. A technical writer prepares detailed documentation that is understandable.

This requires excellent writing skills. The Technical writer must be clear and concise.

Their work could include online help, user manuals, specifications, white papers and more.

Technical Writers are used in Information Technology in the development of software, but they are also used in a number of other fields.

Whatever field a technical writer works for, he must be knowledgeable about the specific line of work so he can adequately explain it in writing.

The job requires a great deal of research and communication skills.

The work requires changes from an editor and sometimes interaction with the testing process, so the technical writer needs to be flexible enough to accept suggestions for change without taking them personally.

Much of what a technical writer does is to make complicated information easy to understand, but this doesn’t necessarily mean it is simplified, or dumbed down.

Sometimes the material written is used by highly technical staff.

So, it’s important that the Technical writer know his audience.

The material could be used in a user manual for a non-technical person or in a trade journal for a more technical reader.

How To Start A Quality Control Career

Quality Control Perfecting the product or service! Quality Control is also known as Quality Assurance and involves software testing.

Quality Assurance Analysts / Software Testers make sure a service or product works the way intended before it reaches the end user.

It is not as technical as software development or computer programming.

It does involve writing test cases, or scenarios for using the product.

The software tester’s job requires reviewing the software requirements specifications, setting objectives, and setting a target date for release.

Building a detailed project plan and developing a test plan is required.

Reporting any bugs through use of software or manually is also done by the software tester. Knowing how to use software that makes the testing process go smoothly is helpful.

Based on these comparisons and additional research, choose which fits you best and then pursue gaining the experience and training you need for that particular line of work.

Once you have a specific career goal, it will be easier to pinpoint what training you need to bridge any gaps in your education, knowledge and experience.

Finally, update your cover letter and your resume to reflect your focused goal and newly-achieved experience and knowledge.

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One Response to "changing my role from software development to business analyst"

  1. Business Analysts Training   May 8, 2011 at 5:43 PM

    If you are undecided as to whether a business analysis, technical writing or quality assurance (QA) / Software Testing is the better career for you, follow the advice in this post!

    • Before you look for a job, first decide on what you want to be and then only after you make that decision can you start looking for jobs.

      In your situation, you should first study or research each o these careers, understand their pros and cons or advantages and disadvantages.

    • Here is some information for you. Software Testing / Quality Assurance is a career that is not as technical as Software Development / Computer Programming.

      Technical Writing on the other hand, is a career that does not require or involve any knowledge of Software Development / Computer Programming. It is a career that requires strong writing skills unlike Software Development.

      Business Analysis requires strong writing skills and strong communications / inter-personal skills. It requires more verbal and inter-personal / leadership skills than Technical Writing or Software Testing!

      So, based on these comparisons and any additional research you do, choose which of these careers is the best for you!

    • Here is how you can get more information on which career is best for you

      1. Research the future / job prospects of the career

      2. Find out what a day in the career is like, what the challenges facing professional in the industry is and what they like or dislike about the career.

      3. Read about the duties, roles and responsibilities of professionals in the industry. Spend some time reading job descriptions so that you can get a better idea of the skills, experience and knowledge required for jobs posted in the industry.

    Based on the information posted above, choose the career (Technical Writing, Software Testing / Quality Assurance, Business Analysis that is best for you.


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