Change Careers from Software Development to Business Analysis


I have 5+ years experience in software development as a senior software engineer in Microsoft technology.

I want to leave software development as I am no longer interested in development.

I want to move in the direction of a functional business analyst or project management, please suggest to me what other areas are suitable area for me.

I have a technology background.

One more thing as my current designation is senior software engineer for BA purpose how I have to show myself for the position of business analyst.

I am pursuing PMP certification too.                                                           



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One Response to "Change Careers from Software Development to Business Analysis"

  1. Business Analyst Coaching & Training   April 2, 2011 at 3:25 PM

    Transition your software developer career into a business analyst career by first identifying your transferable skills … those tasks that you perform now as a software developer which you will also perform as a business analyst.

    Next, identify your skills gaps. Your skills gap includes those roles that you will be performing as a business analyst which you have not been currently trained on.

    Finally, learn the missing skills and then update your resume to show what your business analysis skills & training.

    Note that your first task is not to start applying for business analysis jobs because you may not be seen as qualified for those types of jobs right away but given some hard work on your part and time, you will be good to go.

    Think about it, in your current position as a senior software engineer, will you hire someone to write code for your employer without the requisite experience or training? Most likely not. If you are more likely to point out to the person what they are lacking in terms of skills and then ask the person to n to first learn those skills before they can re-apply at your firm.

    That is why, you must first identify your skills gap and then work on learning those missing skills before you start applying for business analyst jobs.

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