How To Beef Up Your Resume for Entry Level Business Analyst Positions?

How Do I Become A Business Analyst?
How Do I Become A Business Analyst?



I am a senior in college majoring in Management Information Systems.

I’ve recently interned with a company as a Business Analyst and decided that’s what I want to be when I grow up.

I am wondering if there is any certifications or training I should do before I graduate in May 2013.

If so- are there some that are more prestigious than others? Any to stay away from?

Obviously I want to gain more knowledge, have a better understanding and develop some useful skills before graduating and becoming a BA.

Business Analyst Certifications for fresh computer science engineering graduates

Business Analyst Certifications for fresh computer science engineering graduates

certified book smart, now what?
certified book smart, now what?
I completed my CS engineering degree. after that I gained an additional 6 month full time PGD course in a certain domain.

Now I have gained an experience of 1 year in total. Although my designation is Software developer.

I have mostly till now worked only on requirement phase only and not done coding at all.

I wish to become an analyst as I just can’t go for coding anymore.

How can I become a BA and how can I get a certification. Most of the certifications are based on min 2 yrs – 5yrs of experience.

How to Write Good Business Requirements

How to Write Good Business Requirements

Write Better Requirements

Nearly "two-thirds of all IT projects fail" because of poor requirements.

This is one of the reasons why stakeholders, customers and interested parties argue over or fail to come to a consensus on the requirements or scope of a project.

In one project, requirements were being constantly rewritten, tossed out or reincorporated depending on who was in charge of the meeting.

In addition, time and budget overruns plagued the project because the parties could not agree on what each requirement really meant.

Finally, the implementation staff started resigning or asking to be transferred to other projects.

What Does It Take to Become a Business Analyst?

I am aspiring to become an IT / Software business analyst.

What are the basic qualification needed to become a business analyst?

What It Takes To Become A Business Analyst?
A business analyst is a liaison between the business process and IT group.

He or she is expected to have business process improvement experience and an IT background.

A degree in engineering or computer science, finance or business will suffice as far as academic qualifications are concerned.

But let me tell you this, it does not stop at that. You require more than a degree to get a business analysis job.