i lack guidance for excelling as a business analyst

Ask A Business Analyst Question
Ask A Business Analyst Question

I need help with:

  1. The lack of knowledge of the field for making into Banking, Financial Services & Insurance (BFSI) sector

  2. Absence of Big Brand Company in my CV

  3. Lack of Guidance for excelling in the field of Business Analyst


Generally speaking a business analyst is there to bridge a gap to solve a problem and meet business’ needs. This gap is usually between business and Information Technology (IT).

However, the career of a business analyst encompasses a variety of specific titles and expectations that vary from company to company.

is it too late to become a business analyst?

Ask A Business Analyst Question
Ask A Business Analyst Question

Hi, Presently I am working with Life Insurance Industry since last 6.5yrs and prior to that I was with sales in Resort Membership card for 5yrs.

I have done M.T.A.(Master of Tourism Administration).

I met a Business Analyst and he has suggested me to be in this (business Analyst) career.

Since then I am looking forward for right advice and information.

I am 40yrs old and with 11yrs experience.

Will it be possible for me to get into this career? Pls suggest.

domain knowledge required for a business analyst in healthcare or insurance

job interview in progress
job interview in progress

Hi,   I’ve gone through your website and i found your site to be extremely useful.  

I’m Raj. i’ve four years of experience in healthcare (worked as a subject matter expert).

Our client was one of the largest insurance companies in UK.

I do have good domain knowledge in Claims, underwriting. I also worked on crystal reports and Xcelsius etc.

Now i would like to go as a Business analyst.   I did my masters in Business administration.

For my masters i left my job and the gap is around 16  months.