how do i acquire formal business analysis education or training?

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How do i acquire the formal business analysis education or training?

How much time I need to spend for such type of training? 

Kindly guide in this matter. thanks & Regards,

How To Acquire Formal Business Analysis Training or Education

Imagine allowing a surgeon to operate on your heart or your brain when he has not yet been exposed to hands-on experience or practice. That would be ludicrous!

He may have sat through lectures or read medical books, but from the patient’s perspective, until he receives that hands-on skill-base training; there is too much to risk.

Time To Signup for Business Analyst Training

Time To Signup for Business Analyst Training
Time To Signup for Business Analyst Training

I am not for IT business analyst. I work as Business analyst for Pork value chain program in Mongolia.

So i want to improve my professional skill, can you please send me the syllabus and fee and time line, and how to register and pay for the course? 

What Courses Do I Take In Order To Be A Business Analyst?

I want to start a career in IT business analysis? Are there any courses that I have to take in order to become a business analyst?

I have a degree in Engineering and an MBA in Marketing & Systems and I have experience in sales and marketing.

Can anyone help me with expert advice in this regard?

With advancement in information technology, the business analysis has emerged as means of integrating business with information management or converting electronic data into objective business information.

Even today, companies require constant guidance and expert suggestions to improve their businesses in the ever evolving business scenarios.

How To Start A Business Analyst Career?

Q. I have recently finished doing my majors in Information Systems and Business Management.

I want to work my way up to either project manager or business analyst and need some advice on how to get there.

If possible I’d rather avoid computer programming as I am working as a tester at the moment, is this the right way to start?

A. How Do You Start A Business Analyst Career?

  • First, you have to decide if you are passionate for Information Technology (IT) in general, or if you want to work in another industry such as life science or education.

Which Comes First CBAP Certification Or Business Analyst Training?

You want to learn or master all the core business analysis skills, and get a lot of hands-on experience before you start working on your business analyst certification for the following reasons:

  1. Hands-On Experience Is Now Required For Certification: Nowadays, more certification providers are requiring lots of hands on experience (3, 4 or more years). It is now becoming accepted that you there is not much value in pursuing a certification except you’ve actually worked in an industry for a number of years and you have hands-on business analyst experience.