how to qualify for ba role in retail banking

Ask A Business Analyst Question
Ask A Business Analyst Question

I am currently working with a Bank as a Relationship Manager.

I am presently looking for a change in profile. I am interested in the role of a Business Analyst.

There are openings for Business Analyst in Retail Banking Domain.

I have 4 years of experience in Retail Banking Sales but no IT experience.

I would like to know if I would qualify for a BA role and how I would have to prepare for the interview.

Awaiting your expert advice.

i lack guidance for excelling as a business analyst

Ask A Business Analyst Question
Ask A Business Analyst Question

I need help with:

  1. The lack of knowledge of the field for making into Banking, Financial Services & Insurance (BFSI) sector

  2. Absence of Big Brand Company in my CV

  3. Lack of Guidance for excelling in the field of Business Analyst


Generally speaking a business analyst is there to bridge a gap to solve a problem and meet business’ needs. This gap is usually between business and Information Technology (IT).

However, the career of a business analyst encompasses a variety of specific titles and expectations that vary from company to company.

I want to move in the direction of functional business analyst

Hi, I have 5+ years OF experience in development as a senior software engineer over Microsoft technology.

I want to leave development as I am not interested in doing that anymore.

I want to move in the direction of functional business analyst or project manager. Please suggest to me what other area are suitable.

I have a good background experience in technology and I am pursuing a PMP certification too.


For someone with a background in technology, there are many choices for continuing your career in an area of specialized professionalism.

Career Move from Film / Television To Business Analyst

How do I move from my current career in the film industry to a new career in business analysis

Setting The Stage – List the Roles / Responsibilities of Business Analysts

In the film industry, the director pulls together the work of a producer, a scriptwriter, an actor, and other behind-the-scene workers to present a finished work of art.

As a business analyst, you take on the role of a director, in a sense, by being a liaison, or go-between, to bridge the gap between the business side and the IT side.

What Skills Are Needed For Healthcare Business Analysis Jobs?


I have a business degree but I did not get an opportunity to work due to personal reasons.

I now feel comfortable to get back to work but the current market scenario doesn’t seem to support it.

I am looking for a career change and healthcare business analyst looks a promising field.

I have one question.

*I have no prior IT/programming experience but I do have science background which I haven’t used in years as well as business.

I would like to work in healthcare. What skills do I need to acquire inorder to start of as an entry level in this field?