Business Analyst Certification: Does It Assure Me A Job?

A question brings to light the challenges and questions asked by software developers transitioning to business analysis:

So, here is the questions with my answers:

Q: I have one (1) year in Microsoft.NET software development and I want to become a Business Analyst.

I have an MCA certification but I am no longer interested in software development.

How can I become a business analyst (BA)?

Do I need to take some business analysis certification to become a business analyst?

Please offer me some suggestions as I am not happy with my work right now.

A: Here is my answer to the question about whether getting a business analyst certification will help:

  • Certifications First?: getting more certifications will not help just like it did not help you as a software developer.

    You are putting the cart before the horse. First start by determining the career that you are suited for and then decide the appropriate learning plan after first choosing the right career.

  • Choose the Right Career First: Start by choosing the right career for you. You will have to look at a wider pool of IT Careers, look at the skill requirements and personalities required for those jobs. Then pick the right career.

  • Get Some Hands-ON Experience: One of the reasons why you are jumping ship to another career path is that you are approaching the issue as a matter of getting certifications. It is not. Even if becoming a business analyst is the right career path for you, you still have to get some hands-on business analysis experience first before you start working on getting business analyst certifications.

  • If you want to avoid computer programming in future jobs, make sure that any prospective employers that you interview with, understand the difference between developers, Domain Business Analysts, and IT Business Analysts. Otherwise, you may end up writing code again, even though you are hired as a business analyst!

  • Hands-on business analysis experience is the key advantage that you want to demonstrate over your competition. Some employers will even go as far as not even consider your business analysis certifications without you showing or demonstrating commensurate levels of hands-on experience.

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