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Business Analysis vs. Database Administration, Which One Is Better?
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I have 7 years work experience in e-commerce and project management.
I am currently considering switching.
The two fields on my mind are business analysis and database administrator.
Could you please advice on which to do?

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I will answer your question by comparing the career path of a business analyst to that of a database administrator.

1.) Learning Curve: Database Administrators need a lot of hands-on experience as well as technical skills compared to business analysts. For example, database administrators need to master several technical disciplines including database development & server administration. So, the amount of time you invest in becoming a database administrator is much more than what you need to invest to become a business analyst.
2.) Job Opportunities: There could be as much as seven times more business analyst jobs than there are database administrator jobs. Based on numbers from LinkedIn, there are about 37,000 business analyst jobs and about 5,000 database administrator jobs.
3.) Skills Requirements: Business Analysts need to have good communication (written & verbal) skills while database administrators need good technical skills or a background in a careers like database development, server / network administration or computer programming..
4.) Compensation: Business Analysts earn anywhere from $60k to $104k with an average of $80k
Database Administrators earn anywhere from $69k to $122k with an average of $90k ( based on numbers from Glassdoor)
5.) Job Security: Database Administrators control the flow of sensitive / critical business data through a corporation and because of that they are critical to the day to day running of many organizations.
With all this in-mind, the database administrator job requires learning a lot of technical material and if you are not comfortable with that, you may consider becoming a business analyst.