As A State Government Worker, How Do I Become A Business Analyst?

How Do I Become A Business Analyst?
How Do I Become A Business Analyst?


I am working towards becoming a business analyst in state government and I would like to transfer my supervisor skills over into this field.

What should my first steps be to prepare for this transition?

I have a strong interest in entering the business analyst field as a career path, however, it is very difficult to access this field as a state government worker.

Many individuals have entered this field by knowing someone or networking.

They do not always know what their job duties are and do not deliver a good product to the customer, so to ensure I do not go down that path, I would like to make sure I receive training, exposure to the business analyst field to include hands on experience.

What are your recommendations for me to enter this field.

I have a B.A. degree with an emphasis in social science.


Take a close look at state government business analyst job requirements.
What may appear to be hiring through networking may have actually required a stringent job screening process.

Getting your foot in the door to gain employment with a state governmental agency usually requires a candidate to follow a pre-determined process of testing and interviewing that allows the governmental agency to identify the best candidate for the position.

Regardless of how you get a business analyst job or how connected and networked you are, what really matters is whether or not you can perform on the job.

If you fail to perform well, your customers, clients or team members will complain about your work and you may even get fired.

Networking is valuable to furthering your career, but it is most useful when you really have something to offer!

Be sure to lay a solid foundation before you reach out through networking to gain employment in state government work or any field.

Don’t look to others to judge your own success.

Don’t worry about others who seem to be getting ahead right now without taking the time to learn and do their job well. Focus only on what you can change.

Put first things first.

Improve your business analysis skills first. Start networking only when you are ready or have something valuable to say or offer.

Become the Best Business Analyst You Can Be

Focus on becoming the best business analyst you can be. Accomplish this goal through training that provides plenty of hands-on experience. You cannot change how others live their lives or conduct business, but you can become the best at your work as you are capable.

Learn How to be a Business Analyst

First learn all you can about business analysis, using every possible means at your disposal. Begin with self-study by reading every business analyst blog or book you can get your hands on. Seek online courses that provide real-life hands-on learning and look for opportunities to implement your skills right where you are now.

Don’t get hung-up on whether an MBA or a certification program is better. Jump in and get your feet wet with learning. What matters most when you are on the job is not how you learned it, but that you know it!

Start Learning Right Now and Where You Are

Turn your desire to be a business analyst into a reality by looking for opportunities to gain knowledge and skills. Begin learning by reading blogs, articles, training programs and textbooks. Talk with colleagues. Look for opportunities to acquire on-the-job training. Sharpen your skills using quizzes and hands-on assignments. Work on projects that require skills used by business analysts. Get as much real world experience as you can.

Begin to Market Your Learned Business Analysis Skills

After you have become familiar with what it takes to be a business analysis and have worked through real work world examples with hands-on activities, begin to market yourself. Focus your career goals on creating connections and contacts, networking and on promoting your resume and your skills.

Craft your Resume into Tip-Top Shape:

The first thing you need to do after your training is; work on your resume. Spotlight your learned business analyst skills in the way you write your resume’. A business analyst should be able to write concise reports that are understandable. Use this skill to write your own resume’. Summarize your hands-on experience and make your resume’ stand out. Include any successful projects you have worked on along with bottom-line numbers, percentages and statistics that will stick in the hiring manager’s memory.

Now is the Proper Time to Start Networking for Results.

There is a time for everything, and the time to make networking the most effective is after you are accomplished in a skill worthy of sharing. After you have skills and knowledge to offer, begin to reach out and make connections that will help you get your foot in the door. Make yourself visible in your industry using forums like LinkedIn and Twitter.

Stay Professional in Networking:

Networking is more than one big party. It is making personal connections in a professional manner. Set up your social networking accounts along these lines.

Use profile pictures that reflect who you are by simply using a picture of your face. Potential hiring managers want to see who they are considering for the position, not how you look at a party or what your adorable child, pet or favorite flower looks like.

Make only pertinent posts with an air of professionalism. Participate on blog comments with helpful insights. Use your expertise and knowledge to start your own blog.

In summary:

Begin your business analyst career in state government by laying the groundwork of skills before you actively start your job-hunting process. Learn business analyst skills and then write a resume’ that puts your name at the top of a hiring manager’s list of candidates. Finally, network to land the job you are seeking.

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