Is a Banking Job Helpful for Starting A Business Analyst Job?

Ask A BA Question
Ask A BA Question
I completed my M.C.A (Master of Computer Applications) in 2009 and I have a B.C.A (Bachelor of Computer Applications) from 2004.

Presently i am working in a Bank as an Assistant Manager since Oct, 2009 but I want to become a Business Analyst.

So kindly confirm if my experience is useful for a Business Analyst job or shall i do any certification courses in addition to the experience.

And suggest to me the best path to becoming a Business Analyst based on my academic information.

Thanks in advance.

How to start my career as an IT Business Analyst?

Ask A Business Analyst Question
Ask A Business Analyst Question
I am a B.E. Graduate in Telecommunication Engineering with almost no experience.

I want to start my career as a Business Analyst in the Information Technology (IT) Sector.

How do I start so that i can fulfill my wish?

How To Start My Career As An IT Business Analyst

To begin a career as an Information Technology (IT) Business Analyst, it will be important to concentrate on specific software-related skills as well as learning what a business analyst does aside from IT.

Can Non-IT Business Analysts Find BA Jobs?

Is there opportunity for someone to become a Business Analyst if not from an IT background?

I manage a Contact Centre so am using call centre software however have an Arts degree.

I am however very customer-focused and analytical so was wondering what course to take and opportunity there is within the BA industry for someone with my background?

Business Analysts come from a variety of backgrounds. Many have an in-depth knowledge of IT, while others have more of an overall understanding of how an IT department functions. Both require more experience than just an end-user hands-on use of one kind of software.

To complicate matters, not every company has the same requirements and expectations of the business analyst’s role. And, there are different kinds of business analysts.

The Requirements for Becoming a Successful Business Analyst

Write Better Requirements
Write Better Requirements
I am studying for my MBA and my bachelors is in computer engineering. I want to start a career in Business Analysis and I would be highly obliged if you tell me the requirements for becoming a successful business analyst.

Moreover, what platform am I supposed to work as business analyst like do i have to have some programming concepts?

I would be grateful if you tell me what is use cases and requirement documentation.

Will be looking forward to your useful answers.

thanks and regards

I want to move in the direction of functional business analyst

Hi, I have 5+ years OF experience in development as a senior software engineer over Microsoft technology.

I want to leave development as I am not interested in doing that anymore.

I want to move in the direction of functional business analyst or project manager. Please suggest to me what other area are suitable.

I have a good background experience in technology and I am pursuing a PMP certification too.


For someone with a background in technology, there are many choices for continuing your career in an area of specialized professionalism.

Career Move from Film / Television To Business Analyst

How do I move from my current career in the film industry to a new career in business analysis

Setting The Stage – List the Roles / Responsibilities of Business Analysts

In the film industry, the director pulls together the work of a producer, a scriptwriter, an actor, and other behind-the-scene workers to present a finished work of art.

As a business analyst, you take on the role of a director, in a sense, by being a liaison, or go-between, to bridge the gap between the business side and the IT side.

How Do I Move into Business Analysis from IT Security?


I am currently in ICT security, however i do not get much exposure into IPS, firewall areas. So i would love to expand my career options to include Business Analyst in the IT Domain.

I have been with this company for 5 years and have bachelors degree in IT from a local university.

How do i move into this?

Looking to Break Into Business Analysis

How do I switch my career from software development into business analysis?

I can’t find my path.

Set Your Goal and Stay Focused

Have you ever watched a child kick a soccer ball into the net for the very first time, or maybe even for a game-winning score?

If so, did you happen to watch that child’s eyes? Most likely, they were focused on that soccer goal.

Nothing could distract him from getting that ball into that net.

What Skills Are Needed For Healthcare Business Analysis Jobs?


I have a business degree but I did not get an opportunity to work due to personal reasons.

I now feel comfortable to get back to work but the current market scenario doesn’t seem to support it.

I am looking for a career change and healthcare business analyst looks a promising field.

I have one question.

*I have no prior IT/programming experience but I do have science background which I haven’t used in years as well as business.

I would like to work in healthcare. What skills do I need to acquire inorder to start of as an entry level in this field?